May Day!


… nope I’m not calling for help, I’m having an aMAYzing time being creative in the studio in preparartion for 2 shows and an exhibition in June.
And before that, I’m catching up with glass photographer extraordinaire Simon Bruntnell for a photo shoot towards the end of the month.

Contemporary glass (mine) is just one of a medly of media to be seen at
Out of the Hills, a brand new art and craft exhibition. Curated by Maggie & Kim Davis and featuring 12 artists from Herefordshire and the surrounding counties, it is being s
taged at the delightful Aardvark Books in Brampton Bryan, between Leintwardine and Knighton.

Out of the Hills opens on Saturday 2nd June, with a Private View at 11am and I have a few free tickets if you’d like one, just let me know and I’ll pop one off to you?
The exhibition is then open 7 days a week until Sunday 17th.
I shall be there on 12th & 13th and morning of 8th, as well as at the opening PV.

Refreshments, free parking and free entry – and books. Well worth making time to visit. Follow on facebook for the latest.
I’m working on some new tapestry (glass) work especially for Out of  the Hills!

I’m very excited too, to have 2 ‘venues’ for Herefordshire Art Week this year; Trumpet Corner Tearooms and Gallery (as last year) in the east, and in the north I’ll be back at Aardvark Books. Love it!
In fact my, pretty well complete, schedule of events, is done!  Opportunities to see and feel my glass and hopefully we get to meet too.



May Workshop News
I have glass fusing workshops running the weekends of 19th/20th and 26th/27th May and with only 3 places on each workshop, they can get booked up quickly, so don’t delay.

Of course, as always, if you would like to come along as a group of 2 or more, and none of these dates suit, then give me a call as I can most likely create a new date/time for you. 

That’s enough from me for now. Don’t forget if your passing, do drop in to see the studio and the little gallery – la piccola galleria (doesn’t everything sound better in Italian?) I am there most of the time but its worth just getting in touch to check before you come.

Take care



April Update


April sees me turning up the wick on the events calender and kicks off with the first of the selling exhibitions for the Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Craft. ‘Showing Off’, 28th April, Beacon Room, Ludlow castle, 10am to 5pm. Or follow the Guild’s facebook page for the latest news, list of exhibitors, etc.
In fact, as is the way of things at this time of year, most of my events calender is in place now – just a few to confirm.  And in case you read last months post – I will not be at Malvern Spring Gardening Show this year after all, something had to give in my schedule!

In May I’ll be preparing for an inspiring new exhibition ‘Out Of The Hills’ curated by Maggie and Tim Davis at Aardvark Books, Brampton Bryan, which starts on June 2nd for 2 weeks. And I’ll be in some excellent company too.
If you’ve not visited Aardvark before then you are in for a treat; its a proper bookshop. Two levels packed floor to ceiling with old and new, unusual and varied titles, a wonderful space for children to play and read and incorporating a cafe serving speciality teas, coffees, homemade cakes & light lunches. They encourage you to relax and browse and really, what better way to unwind?
If you are quick there is an amazing sculptural exhibition featuring the works of Paul Caton and Paul Bearman until 15th April.

I’m very excited about being at Aardvark and will be back again later in the year.

Just before Easter I dropped a few pieces of glass off at The Willow Gallery in Oswestry, a delightful gallery and art cafe in the town centre, complimenting my almost permanent presence at The Trumpet Corner Gallery & Tearooms near Ledbury.

Instagram Changes
I’ve just split my instagram page in two – and it didn’t hurt at all, honest!

@FusingIdeas (the original page) is for now for my own glass and other glass plus art, craft, exhibition or otherwise – images that catch my eye.
And (new) @FusingIdeasWorkshops is now solely for work by my lovely, creative students. Often, some of the first words students say to me are “I’m not creative”.  Well, as you can see, that could not be further from the truth!

Everyone has an inner creative just waiting to be unleashed and what better way than a crafty workshop?
I have a comprehensive list of workshop dates for beginners and intermediates (further fusers) through to August.
What isn’t included in that list is, of course, dates for bespoke workshops, which Fusing Ideas, as a small studio, can offer for groups of as few as 2 or 3 people. So if you fancy coming along with a ‘buddy’ perhaps for a mid week break (stay over locally) I will tailor a workshop to fit. Some weekends are also available. Alternatively, you can always have a workshop all to yourself – one to one – just contact me.

Take care


Why I use Bullseye!

Bullseye? What’s Bullseye, I hear you ask. Bullseye is an art glass brand manufactured by the company of same name over in Portland, Oregan*. So why do I, almost exclusively, work with Bullseye?

Well it’s a question of compatibility.
Simplistically, you cannot just pick up 2 pieces of glass, set them in the kiln to fuse and expect a good result. They will behave differently, essentially because of differences in viscosity and rates of expansion/contraction. This rate is expressed as a coefficient of expansion, or COE, and is usually quoted as a system number for glass that is expected to be used in a fusing process. Bullseye is formulated and tested to be within tolerance to coe System 90. 

This means that I know that when I am fusing I can experiment with colours, textures, reactions, inclusions etc virtually eliminating the compatibility variable.

And what works for me, works well for my students. When you come to my workshops, all the glass you will find will be compatible.

Another thing; Bullseye has a very comprehensive range of coloured glass sheet, accessory glass and a clear glass which is all formulated to work together and enables me and my students lots of opportunity to unleash their inner creative.
And Bullesye themselves offer many educational resources on their website (and at their facilities if you are lucky enough to visit) for  anyone wanting to know more.

So thank you Bullseye for taking out the trial and error, you’ve done it so we don’t have to.


* Unfortunately there is no British manufacturer of art glass, wish that there was.


At last! 2018 workshop dates and more.

Hi,textured platter

I’ve just added a pretty full schedule of workshop dates to take us up to August. Tasters, Beginner’s day workshops and Further Fusing half or full day workshops. At last do I hear you cry? Shop here

Plus the option of longer workshops for 2 days up to 5 days, from August onwards, tailor-made for 2 or 3 people. You’ll find more information on this page.


The first exhibition of the year with the Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Craft is only 7 weeks away – a new date April 28th and the elegant architecture of the Beacon Room at Ludlow Castle as a back drop.
Followed just 2 weeks later by the RHS Spring Gardening Show at Malvern, you’ll find me with The Worcestershire Guild of Contemporary Craft for that one. 

More to come on these events as we get a little closer.

Stay fabulous


Welcome to my World

Hi there,
Chacanery 2-piece

If you’ve not visited before, then a huge welcome to Fusing Ideas Glass.  And if you have been before then, welcome back, its nice to see you, I hope you’ll find something of new interest.

I was reading an interesting article the other day – and if you are an artist or crafter you might well relate – about being a technique junkie. That is, constantly learning new techniques around your given media. The article was very timely and re-inforced a conclusion I was already coming to.  You can be a Jack (or in my case Jill) of all trades, but you will be a master of none if you continue to take on new techniques without really exploring, practicing and experimenting with one or two you already know, use or like. Sky tapestry plate


The article also suggested – and I’ve heard this before – that true creativity is born out of limiting techniques &, or, resources! 

mono tapestry detail


I really love the ‘tapestry’ technique that I learned from the master Richard Parrish, in fact I love his work full stop! Tapestry is fairly challenging and requires some patience and I have lots of ideas, and a list of ‘what ifs’ to try, both with raw sheets and with finished pieces; colours & styles.
So, while I will continue to play with pattern and colour in glass generally, the thread that will run through my work in the near future will be ‘tapestry’ and trust some really worthy pieces are made along the way.
Can’t wait to see what happens when you deep slump a tapestry piece!

tapestry on edgeworking with powders


Other exciting news is the development of longer glass workshops:
From weekends to a full week, for very small groups – 3 maximum and perfect for just 2.
Cosy and convenient B&B can be offered in our delightful village, less than 500 metres walk away too, so you could make a creative break of it. Or stay an extra day or so and explore Shropshire; from the meres in the north, to the hills in the south and historical towns like Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Ironbridge, we’ve got it covered. 

fused glass sunflower



Workshop Gift Vouchers:
A thoughtful sharing Valentine’s Day gift for a Crafty Couple!
Absolutely fabulous thank you for your hard working Mum. Note; Mother’s Day is 11th March.
First come, first served can book Mother’s Day, Sunday March 11th, at no extra cost for 2 or 3 people (4 at a squeeze).


Take care


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