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Why I use Bullseye!

Bullseye? What’s Bullseye, I hear you ask. Bullseye is an art glass brand manufactured by the company of same name over in Portland, Oregan*. So why do I, almost exclusively, work with Bullseye?

Well it’s a question of compatibility.
Simplistically, you cannot just pick up 2 pieces of glass, set them in the kiln to fuse and expect a good result. They will behave differently, essentially because of differences in viscosity and rates of expansion/contraction. This rate is expressed as a coefficient of expansion, or COE, and is usually quoted as a system number for glass that is expected to be used in a fusing process. Bullseye is formulated and tested to be within tolerance to coe System 90. 

This means that I know that when I am fusing I can experiment with colours, textures, reactions, inclusions etc virtually eliminating the compatibility variable.

And what works for me, works well for my students. When you come to my workshops, all the glass you will find will be compatible.

Another thing; Bullseye has a very comprehensive range of coloured glass sheet, accessory glass and a clear glass which is all formulated to work together and enables me and my students lots of opportunity to unleash their inner creative.
And Bullesye themselves offer many educational resources on their website (and at their facilities if you are lucky enough to visit) for  anyone wanting to know more.

So thank you Bullseye for taking out the trial and error, you’ve done it so we don’t have to.


* Unfortunately there is no British manufacturer of art glass, wish that there was.


New Further Fusing Workshops

Hi there,

I’m delighted to announce a new workshop aimed at those of you who are not complete beginners. Further Fusing!
Designed to allow you to develop, and discover new techniques, your workshop will be tailored to your requirements.  And I can do this because my class sizes are small – maximum 3 people in this one. 

I will be letting you loose on larger pieces of precious sheet glass so you must be able to cut with confidence.  As always everything you need is included. Find out more and dates available.

               coloured glass pictures being made


Dates for beginners Fusing Tasters and Full Day Workshops are also now available for Spring Summer 2017





This Saturday – 4th March – I am stewarding (that is, looking after the shop!) for the Atmospheric Aesthetics Exhibition at The Trumpet Corner Tearooms, the gallery is open 10am to 4pm, while the tearooms open 9.30am to 4.30pm.
Apart from a selection of glass, you can see stunning fine art photography by Caz Holbrook and gorgeous, unusual jewellery by Mizuki Takahashi.
Do pop in.  Trumpet serves home cooked food to die for.

And don’t forget its Mother’s Day soon!



Atmospheric Aesthetics @ Trumpet Corner

Until the 16th March, I have an exhibition in the Garden Gallery at Trumpet Corner, between Hereford and Ledbury, why not pop along to have a look around mine and the 2 other artists work that make up Atmospheric Aesthetics.

Atmospheric Aesthetics window display I’ll let you know when I’m stewarding

Oh, and the Tearoom at Trumpet Corner do a great panini with all sorts of delicious fillings!



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