This is where I tell you why I make glass!

I cannot resist glass! The colours and the huge variations in tone and shade depending on thickness and opacity. Plus the fact that there is no other media that can transmit, refract and reflect light in quite the same way as glass. It’s what makes people invariably hold any piece of glass up to the light.

My career has been a wiggly road (like many I guess); I studied sciences at school, particularly Physics and am fascinated by numbers & geometry. (My Mum worked at Bletchley Park after being plucked from the WRNS so I’m sure it’s inherited.) I like balance, though not necessarily symmetry and this sometimes comes through in my work.

I then spent 20 years in corporate marketing!

On relocating to Shropshire I ‘quit’ marketing and ‘retrained’, spending the next 10 years as a garden designer, creating gardens with the colours and forms from nature.

I’m still potty about plants; gardening is a perfect foil and plants & gardens are a constant inspiration source for combinations of colour, form and texture.

Gold Medal Winning Garden Design with innovative water feature

However, craft work has underpinned my life since childhood. I’ve tried, dabbled in and learnt many craft forms from ceramics to painting (which I’m not good at) from textiles to metal work and so to glass, which has completely taken over, well, everything really!
I’m one of the lucky ones! I was eventually able to turn an obsessive hobby into a career.

With Karl Harron at The Glass Hub

I have been fortunate to learn new skills and techniques from some well respected glass masters as well the age old and trusted voyage of discovery that is ‘try it and see’.  There is no better way to learn than trial and error, in fact error often teaches far more than success.

And like any discipline you study, you very quickly discover that there is always so much more yet to understand than you have already learnt.

The inspiration for my designs comes from many sources, not least, as mentioned earlier the wondrous colours and behaviour of glass; and the alchemy that happens with the application of heat.

Personal experience, people, places, nature, art & culture; all go into the melting pot out of which comes my still developing style. Analogous, I always think, to drawing cane from the crucible in a vitrigraph kiln. jill

mt2 (3)
Retro Red


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