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Hot, hot, hot news this month!

I could not be more thrilled and excited to announce my sponsorship of the Amazing Art Award at this years Dyslexia Awards. The Awards, now in their second year, celebrate the achievments of dyslexic people and dyslexia support throughout Shropshire. Follow and share on facebook.

And I’m doubly delighted as I know many creatives, from professional to hobby, who are dyslexic.They are amazing.
Because of this, I have stepped back from judging the Amazing Art catagory and will be judging a different catagory as last year.

Personally, I am in awe of the founder and driving force behind the awards, Eli Wilkinson – a truly passionate, energetic and inspirational lady.  Eli also founded and runs Dyslexia Information Day especially for anyone involved with dyslexia or dyslexia support in a personal, educational or working environment in Shropshire. Keep up to date with Dyslexia Information Day on facebook. I love this little acronym Eli did a few years ago……


So, more about the Amazing Art Award:
It’s open to anyone who is dyslexic, over the age of 18, living in or from Shrophsire, working in any medium and who creates art that amazes or inspires you.
And we want YOU to nominate that person and tell us why their work inspires, uplifts or moves you. Read more and nominate!
And thank you if you have already nominated an
Amazing Artist.

The glittering Dyslexia Awards ceremony takes place on 25th November and we’d love you to be there to help us celebrate dyslexia in Shropshire.

Of course, there are 13 other catagories and you can nominate anyone who meets the criteria in your eyes and nominations are open until September 29th 2017. So, please, get your nominations in.

Last year’s winner was Lindy Smith of Lindy’s Cakes Ltd – yes we said any medium! As you can see Lindy’s cakes are so much more about the artistic creativity than the baking!



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