Colorato Collection Pins by fig-bijoux


Unique & original, bright & cheerful, Colorato Pins by fig-bijoux.
Made by hand, each one is unique.
Various colours available. Approximately 4.5cms long with a 1cm diameter art glass ‘head’.

Presented on natural felt pad, in smart black pillow pack.
Free post.

Art Glass & Silver Plated



fig-bijoux Colorato jewellery uses precious pieces of glass left after  creating the ‘Arazzo in Vetro’ (glass tapestry) dishes and bowls.

Colourful combinations of art glass, which vary according to the interplay of the ‘tapestry’ top layer and the under layer, sometimes intensified by further kiln firing.
Each piece is individually hand-made in Shropshire, by designer maker Jill Bagnall.

“No two pieces can ever be identical in size, shape or colour; the beauty of handmade is in it’s imperfections. And I hope you get as much joy from wearing it as I had creating it.”

fig-bijoux header

fig-bijoux Colorato Pins are little hi-lights of colour which can enliven a jacket, keep a soft scarf in place or even hold down a wayward tie!
The glass ‘pin-head’ is approximately 1cm diameter mounted on a silver plated pin with protective end shield.

Presentation is on a bio-degradable, hand-felted wool pad in a small, smart black pillow pack with turquoise or teal ribbon.

Choose the actual pin you want, P&P is included – please note I use recycled outer packaging for posting whenever possible.

Care of Silver Jewellery:
Here’s a tip from a silver-smith friend of mine:

The best way to keep silver jewellery clean is to wear it! If it is tarnished, rub gently with bare hands – rubbing removes tarnish and the oils from our skin will actually help keep it away.
If necessary wash in warm, soapy water and buff with a soft dry cloth.
Never use harsh, chemical silver dips that strip the surface.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.0 cm