Gordon Bennett!

gordon bennett
James Gordon Bennett has quite an interesting story, tickle his moustache for more.

Apparently this exclamation of surprise and incredulity stems from the outrageous behaviour of American hell raiser & bad boy, James Gordon Bennett Jr in the mid 19th century. His father was a Scottish emigrant who founded the New York Herald and Jr inherited a fortune alongside a somewhat devil may care attitude.

So now we know.
Moving on …..
Gordon Bennett – its only 6 weekends to that ‘event’ which we can’t yet mention because, if you’ve been on facebook you will know that Santa has sworn to shoot an elf every time that ‘event’ is mentioned before December. And we all know everything we read on facebook is true!

Ch**st*as Shows!

I just need to tell you, without mentioning the ‘event’, that I have only 2 more shows to do this year:
Gorgeous, the magical, flagship event of The Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Craft. You’ll find full details if you follow the link or check out my event page!
And the Monty Mini Xm** Fair, at the Old Bell Gallery in Montgomery.

I’m keeping December free for **ris*m*as workshops! More on that later.

Bye for now jill

Enough reindeer to pull a sleigh?



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