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Sadly, though probably inevitably, England has gone back into lockdown, a situation we are all now very familiar with. We hope it will be just until December 2nd, as decreed, and that it does indeed stem the upsurge in case numbers. If so, we may then be allowed to meet up, at least in part, with very close friends and family at Christmas. I really do hope so, especially for all those who are really struggling through feeling lonely and vulnerable.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

If you have neighbours who are on their own, keep a friendly eye on them. Don’t put them, or yourself, at more risk, but you might be able to help a little or, if necessary alert authorities, community group, local church etc of their situation.

On my own part, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who had booked a workshop with me for 2020 and are patiently waiting for a new date.

I was able to offer a few ‘social bubble’ workshops but need an alternative strategy for individuals – I’m working on it for Spring 2021.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, I’ll be learning & practicing a new technique and working on a commission or 2 with a favourite one.
And . . .  .

I’m also really delighted to be making the Dyslexia Awards trophies for the 4th year. Judging is taking place now and I’m eagerly awaiting the results to incorporate into the new design; a secret until Awards Night.

The celebration is online this year, though you can still wear a posh frock or DJ, & bring your own Fizz while you watch from your sofa!
Take a look here to find more about the awards  and Eli Wilkinson, the amazing woman behind it all.

Dyslexia Awards 2020

Stay safe & well, and hoping this will be behind us soon.




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