How are you navigating this long & winding road? Hopefully the destination will be in sight soon.

Long road in South Africa

I had an amazingly busy start to 2020 and was just planning new workshops for the summer when lock-down was introduced. Since then, I must admit to having a bumpy ride:

And I am so looking forward to resuming both my fused glass workshops and being at Art Craft Fairs exhibiting/selling my own glass.

Some days are good,
Others not so!
Some days just get lost,
I’ve no idea where they go?

Workshops Update:
I am optimistic I’ll be able to resume small group workshops when our ‘social bubbles’ are expanded a little further. The studio is compact and not withstanding the normal safety issues of working with glass, social distancing is not possible.
However, I can ensure that masks, safety goggles, gloves and hand sanitizer is available, equipment is safe to use and facilities are sanitized.

Actually, we use FFP3 dust masks & goggles when working with glass powders all the time, disposable gloves are always available and not to mention the alcohol freely available – and that’s not for drinking!

Definitely THE on trend look!

lady in mask

I hope to offer bookable workshop dates from September onwards very soon and will continue to monitor the situation closely. 

  • If you book, rest assured this will be backed up by an offer to refund or reschedule at no charge, if its due to a worsening of the CV-19 situation.
  • It may be possible to make a small group booking 2-4 persons earlier than September depending on government guidelines & your own comfort level, just contact me to talk it through.

Arts & Craft Fairs:
The majority of events up to the end of August are cancelled. I was pretty excited about the line-up this year and am very pleased to say that all are being rescheduled for 2021. 

One thing we can be sure of, things will eventually return to normal, though normal might look slightly different, who knows. We are all being impacted by coronavirus Covid-19, luckily for us creative activities are a great de-stresser and I look forward to de-stressing with you soon. In the meantime, please stay safe and well.




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