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Chacanery 2-piece

If you’ve not visited before, then a huge welcome to Fusing Ideas Glass.  And if you have been before then, welcome back, its nice to see you, I hope you’ll find something of new interest.

I was reading an interesting article the other day – and if you are an artist or crafter you might well relate – about being a technique junkie. That is, constantly learning new techniques around your given media. The article was very timely and re-inforced a conclusion I was already coming to.  You can be a Jack (or in my case Jill) of all trades, but you will be a master of none if you continue to take on new techniques without really exploring, practicing and experimenting with one or two you already know, use or like. Sky tapestry plate


The article also suggested – and I’ve heard this before – that true creativity is born out of limiting techniques &, or, resources! 

mono tapestry detail


I really love the ‘tapestry’ technique that I learned from the master Richard Parrish, in fact I love his work full stop! Tapestry is fairly challenging and requires some patience and I have lots of ideas, and a list of ‘what ifs’ to try, both with raw sheets and with finished pieces; colours & styles.
So, while I will continue to play with pattern and colour in glass generally, the thread that will run through my work in the near future will be ‘tapestry’ and trust some really worthy pieces are made along the way.
Can’t wait to see what happens when you deep slump a tapestry piece!

tapestry on edgeworking with powders


Other exciting news is the development of longer glass workshops:
From weekends to a full week, for very small groups – 3 maximum and perfect for just 2.
Cosy and convenient B&B can be offered in our delightful village, less than 500 metres walk away too, so you could make a creative break of it. Or stay an extra day or so and explore Shropshire; from the meres in the north, to the hills in the south and historical towns like Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Ironbridge, we’ve got it covered. 

fused glass sunflower



Workshop Gift Vouchers:
A thoughtful sharing Valentine’s Day gift for a Crafty Couple!
Absolutely fabulous thank you for your hard working Mum. Note; Mother’s Day is 11th March.
First come, first served can book Mother’s Day, Sunday March 11th, at no extra cost for 2 or 3 people (4 at a squeeze).


Take care



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